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Mysterious Watch Dogs 'WeareData' site appears

Watch Dogs WeareData

When it comes to Watch Dogs, I didn't think there was anything left for Ubisoft to surprise us with. The game, first revealed at E3 2012, has since been subject to numerous trailers, screenshots, and previews, removing, for me at least, much of the game's initial surprise.

But leave it to Ubisoft to go and throw a curveball. The company has published a new cryptic website for something called "WeareData." The site gives very little information except for a brief excerpt that reads: "Have you ever experienced the power of data? Be prepared for Watch Dogs Wearedata."

The keywords 'Data', 'Big Brother', 'Network', 'Technology', 'Experience', 'City', 'Release', 'Hack' and 'Transportation' also appear in the site's metadata. Just off the top of my head, it sounds like something that could be linked to the game's companion app, which acts as a multiplayer tool allowing mobile users to hack into helicopters and road blockers to help the console players.

There's a mysterious countdown pointing to two days. Perhaps we'll find out more on Thursday?

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