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Myst developer releases RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition on Steam

RealMyst Masterpiece

Cyan, the developer of the classic Myst, has released an enhanced anniversary version of the 3D restoration project RealMyst, which first appeared in 2000.

The puzzle graphic-adventure game, Myst, launched back in 1993. RealMyst, which is available on Steam for $5 (and iOS for $7), enabled players to tour the game as they pleased and explore its depths in full 3D. It also included the original game and introduced a fifth "age," the Rime Age, which provided more a conclusion.

Now, RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition is an updated version of RealMyst for PC and Mac that offers a way to celebrate these past 20 years since release. Cyan redesigned the interface and enhanced the enironments.

Players can also navigate using traditional point-and-click controls — if the real time is too overwhelming or for nostalgia — and can switch to old Myst images (in Classic mode) by holding down the Shift key.

The release also includes a bookmark feature to save and restore progress, auto-saving, and a hint guide for when you're stumped on puzzles.

Via: Eurogamer

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