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MySims Racing Coming June 12, 2009

May 19, 2009


The High Speed, MySims Kart Game Races Into Stores Soon Plus The Official Website Goes Live and More!

We’re excited to reveal that this highly customizable kart racer will be in stores June 12, 2009 and the wait will be over! Additionally, the official website is now live so check it out at

And that’s not all…we have a few power-up screenshots to help you get through until next month. Power-ups are a strategic way to give you a leg up in the race and hinder your competition. See below for a list of some of the ways you can trip up your opponent and put yourself ahead in the race.


  • Melon Accelerator - The Melon Accelerator fires a watermelon that hones in on the closest opponent ahead and sends him into a wipeout upon impact.

  • Pumpkin Catapult - This lobs a big pumpkin ahead of you, creating an ultra-slippery puddle of goo that’ll make opponents spin out of control.

  • Beehive Trail - A trail of hives full of honey are released behind your car and will slow down any opponent that drives into them.

  • Soccer Balls - This allows you to shoot up to three bouncing Soccer Balls. Any opponent hit by one of them will go into a wipeout.

  • Bubble Dropper - Any car that collides with a bubble becomes trapped inside it, hovering in the air for several precious seconds as opponents zoom by.

  • Seed Thrower - This will shoot out a seed that will turn into a fully-grown tree as soon as it hits the ground, creating a potential obstacle for opponents.

  • Force Field - The Force Field surrounds your car with sturdy shields that keep you safe from most items for a short time.

  • Tornado Inverter - This will turn the view of opponents ahead of you upside-down for a limited time, making it harder for them to maneuver their vehicles.

  • Bunny Luv - This power-up summons a cupid-like bunny to shower opponents ahead of you with love, temporarily blocking their field of vision with a multitude of hearts.

  • UFO - Using the UFO will allow you to get a free ride as it zooms along the race track.

  • F-Energy Zap - This will send out a burst of F-Energy, overloading the engines of opponents ahead of you to temporarily reduce their speed and prevent them from boosting.

  • F-Energy Storm - Your boost meter fills with large amounts of F-Energy for a limited amount of time. Use it while you have it!

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