My Little Pony Skyrim mod is downright terrifying

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  - 875309

The Brony fandom to me is a perfect example of the gleeful nihilism spreading throughout the young people of this country, who unable to find meaningful work or opportunity, instead bask in the comfort of ridiculous culture. By obsessing over the most asinine product imaginable (a toy line of plastic ponies meant for little girls), these bronies cement their unwillingness to accept the cultural norms handed to them. In this way, My Little Pony's overgrown fans are not to be pitied, but celebrated for their unique brand of counter culture, the absurdity of which highlights America's growing wealth gap and the loss of moral values that comes along with this class imbalance.

Also, somebody made a mod which turns all the Skyrim dragons into Fluttershy. lol.

To complete your Brony lifestyle, download the mod from SkyrimNexus.

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