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MXGP3 dev Milestone announces new motor sport game to be revealed at GDC

Mastery in motorsports

Motorcross fans are already excited now that MXGP3 is being released by Milestone this Spring. Today, they got even better news in a brand new IP set in the same universe is also going to be announced.

Planned for reveal at GDC, Milestone promises that both MXPG3 and its new IP will be playable to all attendees at the event. The new IP is said to be "set to showcase Milestone’s continued mastery of the motorsports arena"

“This is our first ever GDC,” reveals Milestone’s V.P. Luisa Bixio. “That’s no coincidence, either. In our 21st year, we’ve decided to take a longer look at the US market, and we should have some news to share with those we meet in San Francisco that lays out our plans for America in 2017. It’s exciting.”

Bixio adds that Milestone’s appearance on the AESVI stand is a “sign of the growing strength of the Italian video games industry.” She continued,

We’re one of the biggest studios in Italy at the moment, having jumped from 50 employees just a few years ago to nearly 200 today. All the signs point to continued growth for us in the years ahead, and the Italian games scene as a whole.”

MXGP3 is supposed to take realism to an entirely new level, as it is sporting a major improvement in graphics - lighting, particles, and textures all noticeably enhanced - as well as deformable terrain and dynamic weather.

No release dates are available yet, but we'll keep you updated on both games, especially the new IP as it gets closer to GDC

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