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Mutant Mudds rejected by Steam


Despite the fact that Mutant Mudds was a hit on the 3DS, the game has been denied a release on Steam by Valve. That comes as a shock, because Steam is usually the place indie devs go to release their games and make some nice earnings off of them.

The weird thing about this whole fiasco is that the reasoning behind the rejection just isn't like Valve. "Apparently, 'Steam is not a good fit for distribution,' when it comes to Mutant Mudds," tweeted Watsham. Not a good fit? Mutant Mudds is a kick-ass indie game! It screams "good fit"!

Renegade Kid is in a weird spot right now. It's really hard to understand why Valve wouldn't accept Mutant Mudds. In any case, let's hope the developer is persistent and continues to try and release its acclaimed platformer on Steam.

Just in case that doesn't happen, though, it's good to know we have alternatives to Steam like GamersGate and Steam, as much as I love ya, you're not the only digital distribution site around. That said, come on, give Mutant Mudds some love!

[The Indie Game Magazine]

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