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Mutant Mudds dev could turn your idea into a 3DS game


Developer Renegade Kid is super busy these days. After having just released the critically acclaimed Mutant Mudds--which was awarded an awesome 9/10 review score by GameZone's Robert Workman--the company is now working on releasing its next eShop download, Bomb Monkey, by the second quarter of 2012.

That's not all the dev is up to, though. In addition to making games, Renegade Kid is also up for helping you have your very own game idea created. GAMEscribe has teamed up with the studio to bring us the pitchWinPLAY competition, where gamers with awesome ideas could possibly turn their coolest video game fantasies into reality.

The competition kicked off today, and you have until September 1 to enter your submissions. An entry fee is required, and it's obviously meant to fund what will become an upcoming game after we get a winner. Entry fees vary between $20, $25, and $35 depending on whether you pitch your idea by April 13, August 1, or September 1, respectively.

Keep in mind that you need to pitch an original 2D platformer for the 3DS eShop. So don't get carried away trying to pitch some crazy FPS or what you may feel is the true sequel to Mass Effect 2. This is a pretty awesome contest, and whoever wins is going to be one lucky gamer, because in addition to having a game made based on his or her idea, the winner will also get $5,000 cash. Now, get to pitching those ideas!

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