Murdered: Soul Suspect headed to Xbox One

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Airtight Games' Murdered: Souls Suspect, a game in which you are tasked with solving your own murder, is coming to the Xbox One. Microsoft made the announcement today over on Xbox Wire along with a behind-the-scenes look at the game from Larry 'Major Nelson' Hrby and the devs at Airtight Games. 

Announced in February of last year, Murdered: Soul Suspect  puts you the role of detective Ronan O’Connor, a homicide detective who ends up in a limbo world called Dusk after he's brutally murdered. He makes his way to Salem, Massachusetts, where he employs his new supernatural powers -- such as reading the minds and influencing the thoughts of the living -- to find justice.

We actually previewed the game at E3 2013, but at the time it was only announced for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. I personally remember sitting through a demo showing of the game and commenting how dated the graphics looked. Maybe it's arrival on Xbox One will spruce things up a bit.

At this point, Xbox One is the only "next-gen" system Murdered: Soul Suspect has been announced for but I'm assuming it is coming to PS4 as well; otherwise, you bet Microsoft would be touting the exclusivity.

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