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Mundus announced as new demon king in DmC Devil May Cry


During the New York Comic Con, Capcom revealed the new demon king in DmC Devil May Cry: Mundus. 

"Mundas controls the human world through debt and manipulation," explained Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews. "Anyone or anything that's in a position of power is in control by Mundas. Naturally, as the demon king, Dante, the demon killer, is his public enemy number one."

The new DmC, hoping to appeal to a more western audience, has adopted villains that many of us here in America and the west view as evil. And it has changed quite considably since the past.

"We looked at the concept of evil," Matthews explained as he showed a slide featuring images of the Exorcist, Ronald Mcdonald, Wall Street, and Fox news. "So evil today is very different to what it was when mankind was first conceived. Evil used to be demons with horns and the supernatural, but over time we've been taught through games and movies that good guys can always win in those fights. Evil now has a different face - corporations, financial systems, advertising, the controlling media. This is what we see as evil in today's world."

"How do you fight this type of evil? This is the type of evil we wanted to explore in DmC."

Due of this new direction towards reality, Ninja Theory had to craft a new way for Dante to interact with and fight the demons.

"In the old Devil May Cry games, a lot of the action took place in a city called Limbo which combined fantasy with many elements in the European gothic genre," Matthews said. "In DmC we wanted to bring the world closer to reality, but we had to ask ourselves 'how could we bring demons into the world in which we live'."

"This is where we came up with the idea of Limbo being a parallel dimension in which the demons control us through subversive manipulation. This is the world that Dante gets into when he has to fight the demons. In the original DmC games Dante would go into a room, the demon doors would slam shut on him and he'd have to fight the demons in order to progress. This is obviously a key part in DmC, but we wanted to find a rason for this happening. It was never explained why the doors would just shut on Dante and this is where we came up with the idea of Limbo being a living, breathing environment. It's a place that exemplifies evil, a place that wants to stop Dante at any opportunity."

"Dante's like an infection in Limbo and Limbo wants to destroy him as soon as possible," Matthews left off.

Also at Comic Con, Capcom hinted that DLC will likely be created for DmC (not on-disc, they promised), although they remain focused on getting the initial boxed game out first. The fans at the panel seemed pretty keen on a playable Vergil character.

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