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Multiplayer will be an "important part" of future BioWare games


When it was first announced that BioWare would be developing a Star Wars: The Old Republic, many doubted their ability to create a successful MMORPG.  After all, up until now BioWare had been known for their epic single-player storytelling.  There's no way they could create a successful MMO when their own games had focused soley on single-player, everyone said.

Then came the shocking reveal that Mass Effect 3 would contain a multiplayer component.  What were they thinking!?  Adding multiplayer into a game that's so heavily driven by the single-player story.  Obviously, they were thinking of the future of gaming and the direction the gaming industry is going.

Let's be honest, multiplayer is the future.  It may not be MMORPGs, but some type of multiplayer component is needed in games - especially for the price of games these days.

So it should come as no surprise that SWTOR writer Alex Freed said multiplayer would be an "important part of the company" when VideoGamer asked if BioWare sees MMOs as a valid medium for storytelling in future projects.

"I think so. Obviously we're focused on The Old Republic but multiplayer is a huge part of the industry landscape and if we're successful then it's going to be an important part of the company," he said.

Currently, Star Wars: The Old Republic is very successful, breaking records by becoming the fastest selling MMO to date by achieving 1 million registered players just a few days after its December 20th release.  Heck, if SWTOR does really well, we might very well see a Mass Effect MMO in the future.

Back in 2011 BioWare co-founders Ray Muszyka and Greg Zeschuk stated that a Mass Effect MMO was not off the table.

"It's one of the nice things about having these properties in our back pocket...," said Zeschuk.

"If we want to use something we own as a source for a game, it's easy to do. So yeah, you never know. We've got this giant product to launch, but once that's done we'll consider next steps."

Even if their next game isn't an MMORPG, we should at least expect some more elements of MMOs in their games.  Whether it be multiplayer tie-ins or something of that sort.

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