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Multiplayer details on A Virus Named TOM surface


In case you've never heard of it, A Virus Named TOM is a fun-looking puzzle game that requires you to spread computer viruses like a madman. The game has a cool look to it, and judging from the debut trailer, it also has an upbeat soundtrack going for it.

Developer Misfits Attic touted the multiplayer in A Virus Named TOM as one of the many compelling elements in the game. Unfortunately, while there were plans for an online multiplayer component, it looks like that won't be happening anymore. Now, before you protest against Misfits Attic and refuse to purchase A Virus Named TOM, you should probably know that there's a valid reason for the omission. Apparently, Misfits Attic's art department, which is made up entirely of the dev's wife, had a baby.

So you see, you can't be pissed about the omission. This is an indie dev, after all. It's hard enough for these fine folks to fund their games. Throw in an adorable baby girl, and yeah, I think we can all agree that leaving out online multiplayer is completely justifiable.

Thankfully, the local multiplayer in A Virus Named TOM looks pretty badass. Players can choose to solve puzzles together on one keyboard, plug in multiple keyboards, or use their own controllers (Xbox 360 and others). I like online multiplayer, but I'm also a big supporter of local multiplayer. Playing with someone next to me is usually a good time, and if you've got buddies, you should definitely watch out for A Virus Named TOM.

For more on the game, check out Misfits Attic's latest beta update video.

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