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Movoto Blog has figured out how many balloons it will take to lift your house


Ever since the 2009 Pixar movie Up, I know people have been wondering “just how many balloons would it take to lift a house?” I mean… I’ve wondered if before, I assume I wasn’t alone.  Why stop at houses though?  I want to know how many balloons EVERYTHING would take to lift off the ground!  The good people at Movoto Real Estate have assured me I’m not alone on this conundrum.

Through some math and algorithms, the company started to figure out just how many balloons it would take to lift certain objects – especially houses both real and fictitious.  Ever wonder how many balloons it would take to lift your house?  What about Batman’s Wayne Manor?  I got it, how about the Playboy Mansion?  Well, with the program below all of these answers can be found.  Here are some examples:

  • White House: 2,976,470,589
  • Empire State Building: 68,705,882,353
  • Wayne Manor: 1,100,000,000
  • Mr. Rogers’ House: 5,647,059
  • Taj Mahal: 2,447,058,824
  • Sears Tower: 41,882,352,941
  • Neverland Ranch: 428,235,295
  • Playboy Mansion: 500,800,000
  • Painted Ladies: 73,647,059
  • Washington Monument: 15,058,823,529
  • Pentagon: 260,000,000,000
  • Burji Khalifa: 94,117,647,059

That’s a lot of balloons.  Use the thingy below.  Enjoy savages.



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