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Moviefone's ideas for Batman reboots have me cringing

Moviefone, where I often go to see what movies are coming out, has six acting-directing teams in mind when it comes to taking on the next reboot of Batman. Heck, they even have the storylines that they want to see. But when reading them, all I want is for the Nolan versions not to end. That's not happening, so I have to man-up and just accept that in a few years, we're all going to see a director and actor have a new take on the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne.

And that's the day the world will go crazy.

Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises ends in a perfect place. While the series can definitely be continued if Nolan wanted to keep working on Batman films, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. With an upcoming Justice League film being planned, I don't see Nolan's version of Batman and Gotham ever fitting in with that. Would it be so crazy to continue Nolan's Gotham with a new Batman or Robin or Nightwing?

Nevertheless, Moviefone offered up these six ideas for a new and bold take on Batman. And while I'm not against a bold, different direction for the Caped Crusader, none of these make me excited.

1. Batman Beyond

jake gyllenhaal

Batman: Jake Gyllenhaal, Director: Duncan Jones

The movie would take place in 2046, where Terry McGinnis (Gyllenhaal) is a former gang member of The Jokerz. He's saved by an older Bruce Wayne (Harrison Ford), who trains and mentors Terry to become the new Batman. Duncan Jones worked on Source Code with Gyllenhaal, so I guess that's the reasoning for that choice. However, I can never ever see Harrison Ford in a Batman movie, and the story just feels weak. And there's nothing exciting about Jake Gyllenhaal in a Batman suit.

2. Legends of the Dark Knight

ryan gosling

Batman: Ryan Gosling, Director: Nicholas Winding Refn

While the pair had success with Drive, I don't know if I see this working in a Batman film. The plot involves Professor Hugo Strange plotting to take over Gotham, who also knows Batman's secret identity. Moviefone has this planned as a strange and disturbing take on Batman with an R-rating. I guess it would be the closest to a Nolan film, while probably more violent, but could Gosling really be viewed as Batman? Maybe... I guess he could be to Batman what Daniel Craig was to Bond.

3. Gotham Central

shia labeouf

Batman: Shia LaBeouf, Director: Gareth Evans

I shouted a big old 'NO' to this as soon as I read Shia LaBeouf. Just please, God, don't let this ever come close to happening. Besides an awful name, the movie would focus more on the police and citizens who encounter him. It would also have Ed Harris and Paul Giamatti in the cast, helmed by the director of The Raid: Redemption. If Moviefone said it would be like The Wire, then wouldn't it be better for a tv series?

4. Bruce Willis?

bruce willis

Batman: Bruce Willis, Director: Rian Johnson

Wait... Bruce Willis as a 55-year-old Batman? Okay, I might be on board with this. It would be a film adaptation of Frank Miller's 1986 graphic novel that has Batman coming out of retirement to fight crime in future Gotham. Doesn't sound bad, right? Zach Snyder (directing Man of Steel) wanted to do this, so it has to be good. Then I read that they'd have 13-year-old girl Carrie Kelly as Robin played by Hailee Steinfeld... which I'm fine with. Then Michael Gambon as Alfred, Nick Nolte as Jim Gordon, and Robin Williams... wait let me read that again... yes, Robin Williams as The Joker. I'm out... thanks.

5. Vengeance of the Dark Knight

charlie hunnam

Batman: Charlie Hunnam, Director: Chan-wook Park

Based on 'A Death in the Family' comic, Robin dies (Zac Efron) by the Joker, played by Hugo Weaving, and Harley Quinn, Mia Wasikowska. I don't know a whole bunch about Hunnam, so I'll have to reserve judgement on this idea.

6. Batman: Shadow of the Bat

bradley cooper

Batman: Bradley Cooper..., Director: Alex Proyas

It would have the most comic book feel to it, but while I like Bradley Cooper and Emma Watson as Julia Pennyworth, I just never want to see this happen.

In the end, I think people are tired of seeing reboots that start all over again with a beginning story. So just get 'the other Nolan brother' to make the next Batman and continue with that version. But please, just don't get the flavor of the month to play Batman, and give us a story that we can go with where we don't have to see how he got started.

Check out the full article on Moviefone, because it is worth a read and gives a lot more details then I provided. Even though I'm not enthralled with any of these choices, they're a lot more creative than I could come up with.

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