Motorstorm RC Coming to PlayStation Vita and PSN

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The first time I saw Motorstorm my head just about exploded. Playing on a PS3 demo station, the game looked more graphically impressive than any game I'd seen before. Now we've obviously all grown used to the look of HD graphics, though I've still gotta say that Motorstorm RC for PlayStation Vita and PSN, looks pretty damn good for a game about racing little toy cars.

That's right, as announced on the official PlayStation blog, the action of Motorstorm has been downsized for the series first portable outing, giving it a very R.C. Pro Am feel. Despite being a downloadable title, the developers at Evolution Studios have managed to jam in all four of Motorstorm's worlds, as well as eight different vehicle classes to choose from. 

The one thing that has us worried though, is that the release only mentions four-player multiplayer on PS3. This is the second Vita launch title announced today (the first being Unit 13), and both have failed to mention having any online multiplayer play. This strikes me as cause for concern, and we'll have to see if Sony's new system will actually be multiplayer friendly or not.

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