MotoHeroz for iOS is free, so you should download it

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You know which WiiWare game was cool? Oh, stop  laughing, ya big jerk! There are good WiiWare games, OK? Sheesh! Anyway, you know which WiiWare game was cool? MotoHeroz! That was an absolutely awesome game that took the already-cartoon-like gameplay of Trials and made it even more cartoon-like thanks to its cheery graphics.

The game is available on the iTunes App Store, and while it's normally a buck, you can get it for even cheaper. MotoHeroz for iOS is currently priced at $0. If you're bad at math, that translates into free. MotoHeroz is free ... which means you should download it if you don't already own it. Or else.

If you need some side-scrolling physics-based racing in your life (Who doesn't?), I could not recommend MotoHeroz enough. I never played the mobile version, but I had a ton of fun with the game on WiiWare. And from what I've been reading on the internet, the iOS iteration is pretty great, too. So stop reading this and download MotoHeroz to your iOS device.

Or else.

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