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Most pirated games of 2011 revealed


BitTorrent news site TorrentFreak has compiled a list of the years most pirated game software, and to be honest, the list holds more than a few surprises. Overall, PC games were definitely the most pirated content, given they can be played without needing to mod any hardware. Crysis 2 was the biggest download overall at 3,920,000 copies, trailed closely behind by Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

This  next big sufferer of piracy was the Nintendo Wii, which seems a bit strange until you consider that the Homebrew Channel hack lets pirates play illicit Wii titles with only a minor bit of set-up, while the Dolphin emulator for PC allows gamers to play Wii games right on their own rig, using a bluetooth connection for their Wiimote. Though Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Sports Mix led the way, Xenoblade Chronicles clocked in at #3, with 950,000 downloads. Seems like Nintendo may have lost out on some serious sales by failing to swiftly announce a North American release of the game despite the overwhelming demand.

Xbox 360 was next, reading much like a Game of the Year list:Gears of War, Modern Warfare, Battlefield and Forza. Surprisingly though, despite the PS3's hacking troubles, it remains the console with the fewest number of pirated games. Whether this is due to the complexity in running pirated titles, or the console's overall lack of popularity, is not known.

Check out the full list on TorrentFreak, Then do the math on how much money it would cost to purchase all of those downloads legitimately. Enough to fund a small nation at least!

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