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Mortal Kombat X is getting its own beer

Drink too many and they'll do a fatality on you

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Mortal Kombat is getting one of the best kinds of merchandise available, the drinkable kind. Warner Bros. has alongside with Sound Brewery, and Global Beverage Traders announced that a series of beers inspired by the classic Mortal Kombat franchise will be coming in the near future.

Mortal Kombat isn't the first game to get its own set of beers, when Fallout 4 launched Carlsberg created some Fallout inspired beer and for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 the brewers at Black Hops Brewing created a Black Ops 3 beer, and now it is time for Mortal Kombat to get the same treatment.

A total of three different beers will be brewed, the "Sub-Zero Imperial IPA", the "Raiden Imperial Saison", and the "Scorpion Imperial Stout". All with different tastes and characteristics. The official descriptions follows below.

Sub-Zero Imperial IPA

  • Refreshingly cooling on a warm day, an Imperial India Pale Ale that’s not all about the hops or the malt but is a whole lot of both fighting it out for your palate’s supremacy. Drink icy for more of the hops or warmer for more malt.

Raiden Imperial Saison

  • This amped up Imperial Saison has a blast of hops and CO2 that will hit your tongue with a bang. The aroma jumps out of the glass with its earthly and herbal notes not far behind.

Scorpion Imperial Stout

  • A unique blend for great Imperial Stout brings both fire and ice into your glass. The fiery southwest chilies and cooling Madagascar Vanilla Bean pair nicely with the exotic notes produced by our own yeast strain.

They all come in 22oz, 65cl, bottles and have a alcohol percentage from 8 to 8.5. No launch date for these beers has been announced and there is no word on where these beers will be available, but the Global Beverage Traders trades with quite a few nations such as the whole of Europe, North America, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and Hong Kong so hopefully these particular brews will be available in more countries than previous game inspired beers.

Two questions remain unanswered, should the Sub-Zero IPA be served when the drink holds a sub-zero temperature? And in that case, should it be sub-zero Fahrenheit or Celsius?

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