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Mortal Kombat X graphics comparison: E3 2014 reveal vs latest version

Oh how things have changed.


When Watch Dogs was first revealed at E3 2012 it looked absolutely amazing, when it released in 2014... It wasn't as amazing. In fact, its graphics had been downgraded to the point where modders had to to step in and offer a fix. Luckily for gamers, amidst the fury that downgrades bring CD Projekt Red refuted that there would be a downgrade for the graphics heavy Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

What about other highly anticipated games though? What about Mortal Kombat X, the game that is set to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next week?

Well, there's no downgrading here. Redditor YangYugi uploaded a bunch of comparison shots showing the NetherRealm has been hard at work making Mortal Kombat X better than the first time we saw it.

Check out the comparisons below, note the change in detail in D'Vorah's and Cassie Cage's face (Kano's change is the best):


Dvorah MKX

Cassie Cage MKX

Cage MKX

Scorpion MKX



Stay up to date on MKX! Check out the full kombatant roster and the launch trailer.


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