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Morhaime: World of Warcraft Sales Are Up


Blizzard's Mike Morhaime says that 2010 has been a very good year for World of Warcraft, according to a report by

While speaking to investors, Morhaime claims that 2010 MMORPG sales are up compared to the entirety of sales in 2009, but declined to give specific figures. The launch of Wrath of the Lich King in China, he says, has been a "tremendous success" and has helped raise WoW's global subscriber base to over 12 million.

He is also optimistic about the success of WoW's upcoming expansion Cataclysm. "This expansion is uniquely positioned compared to previous expansions to drive replayability," he says.

Cataclysm brings sweeping changes to the world of Azeroth in the form of new zones, new quests, two new playable races, major class changes and an increased level cap of 85. Morhaime believes the changes will help bring back former subscribers. "Bringing back players that have taken a break from the game has been a big driver in increasing outreach to players."

Cataclysm is currently in beta and scheduled to launch on December 7th.

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