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More Rumors on Nintendo's Next Console Surface


Yesterday, we reported on several rumors regarding a Wii successor. The internet was buzzing throughout the latter part of the day with unofficial statements from several sources. According to these sources, Nintendo is planning to reveal its next console at this year's E3 in Los Angeles.

Several new rumors have surfaced today. According to reports, Nintendo's next console is codenamed "Project Cafe." This new console will be HD ready and will feature a new controller design and some other unknown surprises.

According to French website 01net, the "Wii 2" will be backwards compatible with both GameCube and Wii games, bearing a "similar architecture" to the Xbox 360. It also appears that Nintendo's next home console will support all of the Wii's current peripherals. Maybe it will actually use those dusty plastic shells we've purchased against our better judgment.

Even more interesting than the console's design and power is the controller, which is rumored to be tablet-like with a touch screen interface. It seems this new controller will feature a six-inch screen with decent graphical power and a camera. It will also include buttons, which is sure to be a relief to many traditional gamers.

According to sources close to, Nintendo is considering switching over to BluRay format for its discs. Though this doesn't necessarily mean that the next Nintendo console will sport BluRay movie functionality, it is a necessary step if Nintendo intends to take the next console into the HD space--especially since one of the three current competitors is already using the technology.

These rumors are definitely interesting, and considering that the same source who revealed information about the NGP is behind 01net's intel, there's a high likelihood that the rumors are closer to truth than expected. Make no mistake about it: The weeks leading up to E3, and hopefully E3 itself, will be an important time for Nintendo.

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