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More Evidence That the NGP Will Be Officially Called Vita


More news has surfaced regarding the official name of the tentatively titled Sony NGP. First, the name PlayStation Vita arose when a supposed trusted source at Sony spilled the beans about the upcoming handheld. Shortly after, a Sony subdomain provided further evidence that the company's next portable gaming device would indeed be called the Vita.

It seems like there is more proof that the PlayStation console manufacturer has settled on the Vita name for their upcoming portable. It has been confirmed that Sony's E3 web page is littered with word "vita." Of course, it isn't apparent to the naked eye--the site's HTML code features the word prominently, which suggests that the next Sony handheld really won't have a cool name after all.

I've been hoping for confirmation that this whole Vita business was just some nasty rumor, but it seems that as E3 draws closer, "Vita" is looking more and more official. I wish that it were just another code name for the system, but two code names for one platform might be overdoing it.

Regardless of my personal opinion regarding the Vita name, I will say that I am intrigued by the handheld itself. I look forward to seeing what games Sony has prepared for the machine. As long as we get more than just ports of PlayStation 3 games and we see some cool, original titles, I'll be keeping a close eye on the Vita--even despite the ugly name.

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