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More Details on No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition


Marvelous Entertainment recently held a demo event for No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition. As previously announced, the upcoming re-remake of Travis Touchdown's first adventure will be released on PlayStation 3 and will fix several bugs and include more content for players to enjoy. Gamers in Japan got a chance to see how the game was shaping up, and so far things are looking good.

As translated by Andriasang, major Japanese publication Famitsu reported on the various findings. The Japanese publisher for No More Heroes began by confirming that Red Zone Edition would feature shorter load times than the previous remake--something sure to please fans who found the loading in Heroes' Paradise agitating. Not only will most loading screens last about half as long as before, but Marvelous confirmed that loading has been entirely removed from certain sections.

A slew of new content is also being added to the overall package. People Bowling, a mini-game originally intended for the Wii version of the game, has been approved for Red Zone Edition. Here you must guide Travis on his bike and run down as many people as possible. Because this mini-game is called People Bowling, you can expect your victims to be positioned like pins. Another mini-game to complement People Bowling is Massacre Full Train, which pits Travis against an onslaught of enemies within the tight confines of a moving train.

But while the aforementioned bonus mini-games are nice additions to the package, Marvelous has confirmed that more content will be available. 10 new missions will be included in the game, and you can do battle with five bosses from No More Heroes 2. To take on these characters, take Travis to his save point (the toilet) and let him fall asleep. While in his sleeping state, Travis can dream these boss battles, which are supposed to be fairly challenging according to Marvelous.

No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition for PlayStation 3 definitely looks to be an impressive remake of the first game. Watch out for more info from Marvelous regarding release details.

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