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More Cars and Environments in TrackMania United Forever

May 21, 2008

More Cars and Environments in TrackMania United Forever

The ultimate TrackMania version available at retail in May 2008

TrackMania United Forever, the next edition in the award-winning TrackMania series, will be released on May 23rd. Featuring more tracks than ever before, TrackMania United Forever is the only way to get the complete TrackMania experience.

More cars!

  • Stadium Car – Iconic TrackMania car that’s part F1 car, part sturdy buggy
  • Fast racing Car – The fastest car in the TrackMania series will test your reaction times
  • The ‘American’ - Sensitive suspension to challenge handling skills
  • 4x4 Grand Class – Fast and flexible with a motor revved to the max
  • Rally Car – Slide round dirt tracks with this ultra light and ultra powerful vehicle
  • Roadster - Requires meticulous driving with expert acceleration and breaking
  • Pick-Up - Rough and tumble racing with a mechanical monster

More environments!

  • Stadium - Spectacular environments for high-speed races & rally style skidding
  • Island - Astounding loops and gigantic jump ramps with paradise as the backdrop
  • Desert - Chain bridges and giant potholes across wide plains and stony canyons
  • Bay - An urban environment with tracks like ‘car skate-parks’
  • Rally - Dirt paths, asphalt roads, medieval walls, rivers and winding, hilly tracks
  • Coast - Narrow roads with cliffs and jumps in a Mediterranean setting
  • Snow - Snow or ice covered roads in a mountainous region

More than a game!

Join the TrackMania community and race millions of opponents worldwide. Share player-created tracks and showcase customized cars. It is only with TrackMania United Forever that all track environments and car types are available to compete with.

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