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More Splatoon amiibo figures coming July 8

News flash! Concerts are about to get more fresh

Squid Sisters amiibo

In an oddly noiseless move, Nintendo released a surprise YouTube video today announcing that their line of Splatoon amiibo figures will be growing this summer, with the performing Squid Sisters as the focal point.

On July 8, Callie and Marie will be offered in an amiibo 2-pack priced at $24.99. But don't get your hopes up about new content. These figures won't render the Squid Sisters as playable characters for the single-player campaign, nor will it open up new challenges. Loading them into the game only opens a menu of new music for their performances, so it's more for novelty.

Also launching the same day are recolors of the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid figures, which will be available in single unit (for the first two) and 3-pack form. Their original counterparts came out almost a year ago in May 2015.

The allure of the amiibo hunt has since faded, but these new additions — along with the Kirby line launching in June — will keep persistent collectors happy.

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