More player customization headed to ShootMania Storm

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There's more customization coming to ShootMania Storm today, the first-person action game from Ubisoft and Nadeo. Already one of the most player-modified games available, the in-game editor allows for players to customize maps as they see fit.

Now, today's update brings even more customization:

  • Character Skin Importer: Players may now create and play with their own customizable avatars so they can design team uniforms, use clan insignias or simply develop any avatar of their own imagination
  • Object Importer: Players may create and import items and dynamic objects
  • Additional Features
    • New features for scripts
    • Additional controls for bots
    • New items and objects API and features
    • The ability to use Mousewheel to change actions or weapons
    • New Storm blocks for map creation and decoration

One of my only complaints with the twitch-skill-based shooter is that there was a lack of player customization. This is a huge step towards solving that problem. I love that you'll be able to customize your own avatars and team uniforms, and I can't wait to try it out in-game.

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