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More Halo 4 multiplayer footage shown off in new video

A newly released video wrapping up Halo 4's E3 presentation has provided us with a fresh look at the game's new Infinity Multiplayer modes including Regicide and the recently detailed Infinity Slayer.

As detailed last week, Infinity Slayer introduces an all-new scoring system that rewards players with points for things other than kills, like assists, support, and completing objectives. Earning these points will unlock personal ordnances that reward you in the form of three randomized power weapons, grenades, or powerups which you can choose one of to drop to you.

In Regicide, the player in the lead is "king", so while normal players are worth 10 points, that "king" is worth 20 to 35 points.

In addition, they showed off three multiplayer maps, Haven, Adrift, and Longbow. The video also highlights the new episodic adventure, Spartan Ops, that will offer an entirely separate co-op campaign that takes place six months after the events in Halo 4. Recently leaked details revealed that Spartan Ops will offer 50 new missions over the course of 10 weeks that will add up to 12 hours of additional gameplay...FOR FREE!

As the video mentions, players went head-to-head with the new game modes across three different maps. Back in May, 343 Industries promised they would "innovate and redefine" the multiplayer experience with Halo 4. Now sit back and enjoy the brand new trailer while hearing their thoughts and impressions to see if it is living up to the hype. And enjoy the all-new, exclusive gameplay footage.

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