More from Comic-Con: Snag a gorgeous Sunset Overdrive poster

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Sunset Overdrive’s striking aesthetic has been a pillar for the game’s marketing, so it comes as no surprise that Insomniac is hammering the visual splendor home for Comic-Con. One partnership with artist team Mondo later and, bam, a terrific way to liven up the last barren wall of your game room.

Mondo is no stranger to media-inspired posters and boasts an archive of film and comic book art, but is only just now dipping its toes in video games. Clearly, they’ve got the chops for it, so it’s safe to expect more gaming goodness from the team.   

Sunset Overdrive will release for Xbox One October 28. For more on the game, head over to our hands-on preview, or find out why it took the game nearly two years to find its style.

[via GameInformer

Austin Wood
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