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More details surface about Square Enix's Crystal Conquest


Square Enix's Crystal Conquest is a free-to-play browser game coming this summer to Yahoo! Games in Japan. Today more gameplay details and a series of high-resolution screens hit the web.

In the side-scroller, all controls are handled with the mouse, and players move between two planes of action. They can also maneuver freely about the battlefield, which is divided into at least six parts. Features include your home base and a special "Home Point" fort that acts as a checkpoint if you die in battle.

The upper right side of the screen contains a map showing allies and enemies. Players can choose from four classes: Warrior, Priest, Sorcerer, and Scout. Characters and enemies can place facilities such as an Arrow Tower, Crystals, and Summons on the battlefield and destroy their opponent's facilities, as well.

To win, players must destroy their enemy's home base within a time limit. Otherwise, after a certain point the game will tally the total number of enemies killed and amount of damage dealt and determine a winner based on those results.

Classic Square Enix summons—such as Odin, Titan, and Diablos—will appear in the game, cast using a 100 "Shards" and a Summon Egg that's shared among party members.

Priests can heal a wounded party, and players can also restore health at their home base or any native fort as long as they're not under attack.

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