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More details for Soul Sacrifice roll in


Along with yesterday's debut of the first trailer, Sony and creator Keiji Inafune revealed more information regarding their upcoming action game Soul Sacrifice — including video that demonstrates actual gameplay.

Soul Sacrifice was previously described as a "true" fantasy, a concept that Inafune said pertains to the sacrifices and payments involved in the game. Greater power demands a bigger sacrifice, and this system completely replaces traditional MP points.

"Concept is the most important part of a game," Inafune enlightened. "If the concept is good, 80% of games are good. That's how important the concept is."

Players can choose between multiple types of characters and tailor each to their liking. During the demo session, Inafune showed how players can manipulate trees and boulders in combat or use their own blood to hurl themselves like bullets at enemies. Up to six magics can be set at one time. Upon defeating a foe or even a boss, players can choose to sacrifice or revive it, leading to different consequences.

The four-player multiplayer session featured one player who sacrificed his life for the others, turning himself into a massive flame called "Salamander" that struck the enemy.

Soul Sacrifice is planned for a winter release.

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