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MonteCristo becomes coach of CLG League of Legends team

CLG MonteCristo

Announced just hours ago, CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) has brought on Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles to coach its League of Legends team. MonteCristo is an OGN analyst/caster and co-owner of GGChronicle.

CLG confirmed the long circling rumors in a blog post this morning that MonteCristo would coach its team moving forward. Since CLG looks towards Korea for guidance, it made sense to bring in MonteCristo, who knows the Asian meta very well. For several weeks now, MonteCristo has been working with CLG on a trial basis, and hopefully they see positive results soon.

CLG has undergone some roster changes recently. HotshotGG is now an alternate and is focusing on the business side of eSports, as well as streaming (he plays a mean LeBlanc top). Taking over for him in the top lane is Nien. Filling out the roster is Chauster at Support, Doublelift at AD Carry, Link at Mid, and bigfatlp at Jungle. The practice of having coaches is a growing trend with North American teams, but with Asian teams it's common practice. Teams in Korea, for instance, have scouts as well. 

You can read more about the state of eSports in our two-part interview with RiotGames eSports Manager Nick Allen: Part 1 Part 2.

In the last two weeks of LCS, CLG has gone a combined 1-4 (win-loss). They currently are ranked #6 in the NA LCS with eight wins and nine losses.

"I'm thrilled to join CLG and hope to assist the team in refining their strategies, communication and teamwork," said MonteCristo. "Counter Logic Gaming displays a commitment to practicing and competing at the highest level, while simultaneously recognizing and working to improve flaws in their play. I'm excited to help improve the team and continue the legacy of CLG as a premier North American League of Legends organization.

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