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Monster Hunter Tri for 3DS Looks Awesome


We recently reported on the 3DS analog nub add-on that Nintendo would be launching. We touched on the fact that Monster Hunter Tri was being ported to the 3DS alongside the peripheral, but we really didn't give that reveal the attention it deserved. And by "we," I mean "I" because I'm the one who wrote that news story.

Given the hubbub that ensued as a result of the analog nub announcement, can you really blame me? In any case, I would like to give the upcoming Monster Hunter Tri port the care and attention it deserves. Why? Because it looks pretty damn awesome, and if you own a 3DS, this game should be on your radar.

If you played Monster Hunter Tri, you should know what to expect. The Wii original was awesome and provided a stellar action RPG experience. Capcom has made sure to make this more than just a straight port, though, because the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Tri will include a collection of new monsters for your slaying pleasure.

Visually, the game looks really good. Environments are rich and massive, and the beasts you must seek out are imposing and fearsome. Just like Monster Hunter Tri was easily one of the best Wii games to hit the console from a graphical standpoint, the 3DS version may very well be one of the best-looking titles to land on Nintendo's dual screen portable.

Be sure to check out the game's official site for more information.

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