Monday Night Combat dev debuting Toy Rush at PAX Prime

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Uber Entertainment, the developer of Monday Night Combat, announced its new game, Toy RushToy Rush is a tower defense game for tablets and mobile devices that pits the player's defenses against an army of toy invaders. Tilting Point will handle the monetization, retention, marketing and user acquisition strategies for the game.

So, in Toy Rush, players will design and build clubhouse bases. Then armies of beasts, robots and plus toys will attack them. Players collect attack cards to use to fight off enemies, combined with rubber band guns, gumball launchers and ray guns. Players also have the option to attack bases in asynchronous multiplayer, where players can attack their friends and steal their resources. For multiplayer, there's also the option to form clubs for players to chat, help each other out and earn specialized units and abilities.

John Comes, design director at Uber Entertainment, said ,"We've created a tower defense game with tremendous character, infusing it with plush toys, tech robots and wild beasts. We've combined this with unique card mechanics, asynchronous multiplayer gameplay and deep strategy elements. it's simply a ton of fun!"

What? Did you expect him to say something bad about the game? 

Toy Rush will be playable at PAX Prime from August 30 to September 2 at the Indie Megabooth. It will be coming soon to tablets and mobile devices, though it's not specified which are supported.

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