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Monaco XBLA version delayed


Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine didn't make its scheduled April 24 launch on Xbox Live Arcade. Developer Pocketwatch Games has announced that the game has been delayed in order to sort out an issue that popped up at the last minute.

No word on the actual issue, but the fix has been submitted to Microsoft, so here's hoping Xbox 360 owners don't have to wait too long to play the heist-themed party game. According to Pocketwatch, folks looking forward to the game will only have to wait a short while longer.

"We just discovered that there is an issue which requires that we push back our Xbox Live arcade game release date a little," states the official Monaco Facebook page. "We've already submitted an update to Microsoft to fix the problem, and as soon as we know that the issue is fixed we'll have a new release date.  I know our fans have been waiting a long time for the game, and hopefully they'll have the patience to wait just a little while longer.  What's mine will be yours very, very soon!"

You can still purchase Monaco on Steam for $14.99, so if you don't care what version you're playing, feel free to begin engaging in some co-op heists on your PC.

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