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Molyneux Bashes Fable III, Hypes Up Next Game Once Again


Oh, Peter Molyneux, you are so predictable. The head of Lionhead Studios and designer of the Fable series is hyping up his next game once again. In an interview with CVG, Molyneux stated that while the Fable III team did a great job with the game, it wasn't the experience gamers were really looking for at the time of its release. He continued to say that if and when the next Fable comes around, he'll be sure to design a game that will "amaze" players.

Molyneux blamed himself for Fable III's reception, which was good overall but trailed behind the second game in the series. According to the Fable designer, he was so caught up with the positive reception that Fable II garnered that he lost sight of things with the third game. That didn't stop Molyneux from bestowing a great deal of praise upon himself and the Fable franchise, however: "The great thing about Fable is that there's nothing quite like it out there. There's nothing wrong with FPS games, but they are what they are--their currency is what they blow up. Our currency is this beautiful, charming, dramatic world that has different things in it every day."

When asked about his ambitions for the next game in the Fable series, Molyneux did something he's done before: he hyped it up ridiculously, all the while making his past endeavors seem like, well, I can't really say it here. "If we go on, we're not just going to make another Fable, we're going to make something that stands head and shoulders up with anybody else out there--the best of the best--in terms of its technology, its drama, and its storytelling."

Surely Molyneux can't be fooling anyone at this point with his overly enthusiastic comments regarding the future of the series. Even the most close-minded Fable fans have to see by now that, despite his achievements in the gaming industry, Molyneux has a track record for criticizing his previous games in order to create a buzz for subsequent releases. After all, this is the same guy who said to skip Fable and play Fable II, only to call that game "rubbish" in order to hype up Fable III. We're on to you, Molyneux. You can't trick everyone forever. When Fable IV inevitably launches in the future, we'll all be ready.

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