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Mol Rehan New Home Server for Wurm Online

July 22, 2008

Mol Rehan – New Home Server for Wurm Online

To the West of the unforgiving Wilds, across the mighty oceans, a land emerges, flickering and shimmering in the morning light; distant shapes and shadows, playing with the eyes as above the waves great mountains rise to fill the skies with majesty. This is the new world, the unexplored territory, the place of hope, of dreams, of mystery, or adventure.

Welcome to the lands of Mol Rehan. Wurm Online has launched a brand new server – an unspoilt, untouched land of vast mountains and lakes ready for new and experienced players of this unique game.

A new land is just that. There are no plans, no roads, no maps, no towns, villages, or people. This is a wild place of forests, lakes, seas, mountains and surprises!

Players arrive at Alchemist’s Bay. A town, but one without any structure or buildings, just guards, a guide and a few helpful people.

What happens next is in the hands of the players. Will they stop to help build Alchemists Bay? Or will they simply buy a deed and head out into the unexplored country? On Wurm, nothing is set in stone – it is all down to the players. They will transform this land. Hack at it with picks and shovels. Scatter seed across the plains. Sow their dreams and plans into its very fabric.

The new Mol Rehan Home Server has been launched to give the Kingdom of Mol Rehan, formerly only to be found on the Wild Server, its own home, its own place of safety.

This is a premium only server, though open to new and established players alike. Established players will be allowed to travel across to the new server by boat from the Wild server or by requesting a transfer. New players will be able to sign up for this server at registration.

Free to Play players will not be given access to this server. However, they may wish to sign up for the Jenn Kellon home world and move later when they become premium, and perhaps have honed a few skills!

This is a very exciting time for Wurm Online. With boats having been launched, quite literally, last month, and the new Mol Rehan sever opened for players this week, Wurm is marching forward. Next on the development list is being able to ride animals and hitch them to large carts to meander round the player created roads of Wurm. This will also make the shifting of the large tonnage of dirt and rocks required for massive projects much easier, and probably interesting. Is that your cart load of sand I saw vanishing over that hill?

Background Information

Wurm Online

Wurm Online is a massively multi-player online game developed by OneTooFree AB. This independently developed game has grown into a close community of developers and players and offers a truly unique experience. It's market positioning attracts players from games such as World of Warcraft and Second life.

Players can choose an in-your-face, confrontational life style on the wild server, or a much more peaceful life on the two home servers, with threats only coming from giant scorpions, spiders, bears and other wildlife.

You can build a simple home in the middle of nowhere, or an entire village with a busy population, even terraforming the land by digging and flattening, planting trees, building roads, walls, guard towers, mining for stone and ores and much more. Work together with other players on large projects and communicate in village chat or private chat, or raid other communities on the wild server.

Develop skills and gain titles, buy and sell using the in-game economy, or even work for another player. Players can choose to register for a Free to Play account (Jenn Kellon home server only). Skills are capped at 20 which means that some items cannot be made and your strength is also limited. Premium players have full access to all benefits of the game. Premium costs 5 Euros per month. (Approx 7.7 USD, 4 UK Pounds) Player and skill development is very balanced, allowing all premium players equal opportunity to reach a high skill level over time, often with the support and congratulation of other players.

Development of Wurm Online was started in 2002 by Markus Persson and Rolf Jansson. The game was developed in their spare time up until May of 2007 when Rolf Jansson was employed by Onetoofree. The project engages about 40 people around the world, most of whom work as volunteers. The motivation for working for free on the project is to help create something historical and extraordinary while having a lot of fun. Players also have an input into the game development through the very active forums.

The server software is developed in the office in Motala, Sweden, where the project is also managed. The client software is developed both in Sweden and also by other trusted programmers around the world on a voluntary basis. Graphics and animations are created by Sunsplash Creations in Los Angeles, USA. Joss Sanglier form Dancing Bear in Great Britain composes the music and is developing a new sound scape.

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