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Mojang's Scrolls open beta kicks off for $20 today


Mojang's card-game-meets-board-game Scrolls entered open beta today on PC and Mac. You can buy your way in for $20. Those who do will receive future updates for free.

The developer is shying away from too many microtransactions, but you can purchase some items with shards, the real-money currency.

"It’s worth mentioning that shards are completely optional, and will never be required to stay competitive," reads the announcement on the Scrolls website.

Players build decks of at least 50 "scrolls," trade with others, and can engage in 25 trials, single-player and multiplayer quick matches, and challenge and ranked matches.

Will Scrolls be as big as Minecraft? It's doubtful, but given Mojang's popularity, the developer could have a hit on its hands.

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