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Mojang's Scrolls is in trouble — could turn free-to-play


Jakob Porser, the lead designer on Scrolls, Mojang's strategy collectible-card game that's in paid beta for PC and Mac, may go free-to-play if the player base doesn't start to grow.

About 3,000-4,000 people play Scrolls each day, but that's not enough to sustain the multiplayer, which matches players with opponents of an appropriate skill level.

"We have absolutely no plans to become free-to-play in the near future, but we notice that it eventually becomes difficult to attract enough players so it can definitely happen," Porser told Swedish site IT24.

Mojang has been slow to finish the single-player mode since its June debut because money isn't an issue to development — not with the success of Minecraft.

Scrolls sold the bulk of its roughly 110,000 copies within its first month of release.

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