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Mojang's Scrolls Beta Open to Everyone, More Game Details Revealed


Mojang co founder, Jakob Porser, who is currently working on the game Scrolls, revealed some very important details regarding the digital card game via a Twitter Q&A session.

No, this is not The Elder Scrolls V we are talking about.  Isn't that why Bethesda is bringing them to court?!  To avoid common mistakes like that! /sarcasm

So, Jakob Porser revealed some pretty important details about Scrolls via Twitter.  Here are a few important things you may want to be aware of:

Scrolls will follow a launch similar to Minecraft. "The beta will be open to everyone. At that point, you will be able to buy the game at a reduced price." 

Though, the price has yet to be revealed, Jakob did confirm, "You WILL be able to obtain all in-game content without paying more then the initial price."

Scrolls characters

Now with a game like Scrolls, players must build up their deck.  Jakob detailed a few more details regarding how players can obtain scrolls in the game.  "The plan is to have a one time cost for scrolls. You can buy new spell books, containing new scrolls for real money or in-game currency."  Players can earn "in-game currency by playing the game. For instance winning ranked matches."  Jakob did assure us that those who unlock all the scrolls by "Pouring money on the game will NOT automatically make you a tough opponent."  Scrolls will allow you to "trade your acquired scrolls", or you can sell or buy your favorite cards with "in-game currency" via an "auction house".

Now with any card game, players will want to be able to play against friends for bragging rights.  Jakob detailed, "There will be multiple multiplayer templates. Friendly matches, ranked matches, tournaments etc."  Unfortunately, "There are currently no plans for multiplayer matches with more then two players. But depending on user feed back, this could change later on."  Mojang does plan on saving a lot of stats from game matches, going as in-depth as how many wins/losses each scroll has.

Some other key questions asked revolved around the platforms Scrolls will be available for.  Unlike Minecraft, "Scrolls will be multi-platformed."

Perhaps the most important question was asked at the end of the Q&A session.  When asked if they will change the name of Scrolls, Jakob firmly replied, "No, we will not change the name of Scrolls. Not without a court order. And if there is any sanity left in the world, that wount happen."  Too bad there isn't any sanity in the world.  R.I.P. Scrolls name....

The name may die, but the gameplay lives on!

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