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Mojang gives update on Scrolls, shows off new content


There has been somewhat of a radio silence when it comes to Mojang's next card scroll based game. It certainly wasn't easy for Mojang due to the lawsuit by Bethesda for the use of the name Scrolls, which would look too close to The Elder Scrolls. Regardless, Mojang won the lawsuit, so what's going on with the game?

According to the developers page, the team is still hard at work on the game, and even designing new scrolls. This is what they wrote:

Sorry about the recent radio silence. It’s not down to laziness, or that we don’t care about you. The team are busier than ever, working their socks off to make Scrolls as good as it can be.

The store is high on the agenda right now: Jakob and co. are redesigning the interface, working out what’s going to be on sale, and designing a bunch of new Scrolls. You can see four of those badboys down there.

Here are the four images which can also be found on their blog.



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