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Mojang details the future of Scrolls


Mojang is working on some new features for Scrolls including a new ranking system, a tutorial, a demo, and a bunch of audio and visual tweaks.

Mojang briefly touched on these features explaining that the new ranking system "will express players rank in a more palatable format." Additionally, Mojang -- particularly Minecraft's lead developer, Jens Bergensten -- has been looking into ways to reward both hyper-competitive and lower ranked "scrolldiers" for dedication. "The plan is to integrate weekly rewards for dedicated players," Mojang explained.

Audio and visual tweaks are planned to make the core gameplay more rewarding. "Powerful attacks should have more oomph," Mojang says, "and enchantments should be more visually striking." The game's sound system is also going to get some improvements.

In addition to the ranking system, Mojang is looking to replace the existing tutorial with "two snappier ones" that will help teach the basic mechanics in just a few minutes of gameplay. A demo version of Scrolls is also in the works. Lastly, an iPad/tablet version is also being developed with the aid of Ludosity.

None of the additions or tweaks have a release window, but it's nice to see that Mojang is looking toward the future.

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