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Modern Warfare 3 Official Forums are Online


As we near in on Modern Warfare 3's November release date, fans have been frantically asking where the game's official forums are at. Finally, though, Sledgehammer Gamers - the guys behind MW3's multiplayer - have announced that the official forums have been unleashed to the public and can be viewed at

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, better known as fourzerotwo, welcomed the community to the forums while emphasizing fan's role in feedback saying, "This is YOUR place to discuss anything and everything about Modern Warfare 3 and most importantly provide your feedback to us at the development studios on what you love, hate, and what you want to see more of. Your feedback and opinions are essential in the development of our games. Ideas, suggestions, and discussions from these forums have directly led to tons of features making it into the game (Selectable killstreaks, Killstreak counter on UI, Barebones playlists, Removal of OMA and removal of Commando). Most importantly, have fun, respect the opinions of others even if you disagree with them, and remember that at the end of the day, we’re all part of the same community overall."

It is worth noting that you will need your login to access the forums. The login is also the same one you use (or will use) for Call of Duty Elite.

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