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Modders add previously inaccessible cockpit view to GRiD 2

Interior Cockpit view

I'm almost baffled by the modding community, at how good they are at making things work in games, that shouldn't be working in the first place. Take GRiD 2 for example, a game I'm currently playing, and enjoying mind you, for an upcoming review on GZ. The game is as far from a realistic sim as you can possibly get, so it makes sense that Codemasters would opt to not include a behind-the-wheel camera. Not to mention, according to them, only about 5% of players of the original GRiD played using that camera, and stating that “they are expensive to run due to the requirement for high-resolution interior textures which are seen close-up and require a considerable amount of in-game memory (to store) and processing (to render).”

Thanks to the modding community, players can download a mod that will enable them to use the cockpit view in GRiD 2, even though the rendering of the steering wheel and dashboard is rather blurry.

Now I'm not sure whether this was also done by the modder or whether Codemasters already included it in the game, but someone sure took the time to have the hand motions animated regardless. In the video, you can clearly see that the hand even reaches down to shift gears and then goes back on the wheel.

In any case, if you fall into the 5% who would rather play GRiD 2 from inside the cars, you can follow the development of the mod right here.


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