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MMO Glitch Unlaunches, Goes Back to Beta


Two months ago, developer Tiny Speck launched Glitch, a unique MMO that distinguished itself from other entries in the genre. The game successfully allows you to screw around and play it as you see fit. It's also completely devoid of battling and the usual MMO tropes and instead bases its gameplay around collection, skills, exploration, and socializing for the fun of it.

I don't like MMOs, but I sure as hell like Glitch. Heck, I really, really dig Glitch. By offering something different from the typical MMO, the game really invited me to experience its world at my own pace, making it a joyous experience to return to repeatedly.

Though Glitch may be fun, Tiny Speck has decided to go back to the drawing board. According to a post on the game's official site, Glitch will be "unlaunched" and go back to Beta. Several bugs will be fixed in this time, and other aspects of the game will be addressed, including the addition of new skills and quests.

Quite possibly the biggest reason for the move, however, is Tiny Speck's aim to make Glitch flow much faster right from the get-go, all the while providing a more engaging experience for those players who have sunk several hours into the game. Oh, and don't worry, if you spent real world money on the game, the developers are totally willing to give you a refund if you seriously feel that the step back to Beta is a total buzzkill. Tiny Speck is likely to have more updates on the game's post-launch development, so stay tuned.

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