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MLG Winter Championships - Starcraft 2 Player Seeding

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty  - 1098248

MLG Columbus aka Winter Championships take place this weekend. Check out who will be there on the Starcraft side competing for their chance at $76,000 dollars in cash and prizes.

The top 16 players are listed below. These are players already seeded into the Championship bracket and have far fewer games to play than players coming up through the Open Bracket. These were decided through online qualifiers and points gained in February's Winter Arena tournament.

  1. MarineKing
  2. DongRaeGu
  3. HuK
  4. Oz
  5. Parting
  6. Violet
  7. Naniwa
  8. Ganzi
  9. MC
  10. DeMuslim
  11. Ret
  12. Grubby
  13. TheStc
  14. Socke
  15. Haypro
  16. SaSe

Open Bracket Top 49 - The below players are those who did not seed into championship play but seeded high due to past performances in the Open Bracket and at other Online tournaments.

  1. LiquidSheth
  2. ThorZaIN
  3. vileDdoRo
  4. IdrA1
  5. coLdrewbie
  6. GoSuDDE
  7. EGAxslav
  8. ROOTMinigun
  9. RGNArtist
  10. vileIllusion
  11. ostojiy
  12. coLKiller1
  13. vileState
  14. Inori
  15. goswser
  16. KawaiiRiceLighT
  17. ONEwbc1
  18. Hawk248
  19. mouzMorroW
  20. mousesportsHasu
  21. EGiNcontroL
  22. GoSuViBE
  23. SC2Attero
  24. FnaticaLive
  25. ROOT_CatZ
  26. dSeleCT
  27. EG-PuMa
  28. FnaticRain
  29. LiquidTLO
  30. EG-Machine
  31. LiquidTyler
  32. Polt
  33. MStephano
  34. EG-LzGaMeR
  35. KingSpades
  36. LiquidJinro
  37. QxGtheognis
  38. Pokebunny
  39. VTgiX
  40. RuFF13
  41. HeavensLighT
  42. Shew
  43. Future-SC
  44. LuckyFool
  45. CaliberLighT
  46. JEcho
  47. binskiLighT
  48. Veritus
  49. Insur
  50. Many players tied for 50th (meaning zero MLG points) Notables include QXG_Destiny, coLHeart, EG.JYP and TSL Symbol.

Be sure to keep it locked here to GameZone for everything MLG! Are any of your favorite players headed to Columbus - personally, I'd like to see Quantic Gaming's SaSe take it all!

Dustin Steiner I'm GameZone's eSports Correspondent and resident fighting game guru. I'm also Event Coordinator for Video Gaming Hard Corps, where we host online and local tournaments in addition to have general fellowship among gamers. Check us out!
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