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MLG Summer Fighter Arena Wrap-Up: LostProvidence and Pig of the Hut Win


The MLG Summer Fighter Arena wrapped up late Friday night with some intense action in both Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat. Let’s briefly see what went down!

In SCV, the story of this tournament was odd character choices, with SomethingUnique leading the charge with his unorthodox use of Ezio, a character that does not see much tournament use. This kept most of his opponents off balance enough for him to anchor his matches with Pyrrha. However, despite all of that, it just wasn’t enough to defeat LostProvidence’s Viola even with a very nice rally after Providence’s early 3-0 lead taking it all the way to nail biting game 7.

Of course I can’t discuss the SCV side of things without mentioning Kayane and Keev’s complete defeat in this tournament given that they were favorites coming into this tournament. Either way, a big congrats to Lost Providence for taking home the $1500!


Full Soul Calibur V Results:

1st Place- LostProvidence – $1,500
2nd Place- SomethingUnique – $900
3rd/4th Place- RTD ATL, Hawkeye – $500 each
5th/6th Place- LinkRKC, Kinetic Clash
7th/8th Place- Kayane, Keev

The Mortal Kombat tournament was full of fierce competition from the start, with players like Tyrant showing off some impressive Jax play, and Pig of the Hut dominating his side of the bracket. However, the highlight of the night was the semifinal match between Tyrant and Dizzy which was extremely close, though Dizzy ecked out a win and went on to the finals, where he was 4-0’d by Pig of the Hut.


Full Mortal Kombat results

1st Place- Pig of the Hut – $1,500
2nd Place- GGA Dizzy – $900
3rd/4th Place- GGA 16Bit, EGPTyrant – $500 each
5th/6th Place- Riu48, EMP Reo
7th/8th Place- DJT1993, KT_Smith

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