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Though the first Spring Arena may be over, the MLG SCII Spring Season is just reaching its halfway point with the upcoming Invite-Only Online Qualifiers next weekend. MLG has just released the player list for those that will be playing for the chance to attend Spring Arena 2, along with the Top 4 from Spring Arena 1 (MarineKingPrime, MvPDRG, coL.Heart and coL Ganzi) and the winner of the EIZO Dreamhack Open ThorZain. 

Check it out below, and let us know if your favorite player will be there this upcoming weekend:


The competitors for the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers are:

  • The bottom 4 from Arena 1
  • The 9th – 80th place finishers from the Winter Championship
  • The Top 8 from each Region of the Open Qualifiers
  • Anyone who played in the Winter Arena but did not attend the Winter Championship 

Here is the full list of competitors, and the Regions in which they'll be competing. Please note: seeds are subject to change.

Seed Player Team   Seed Player Team
1 viOlet_ Empire   1 Sockeh TEAM ALTERNATE
2 GosuHuK EG   2 LiquidRet Liquid
3 Dignitasnani Quantic Gaming   3 FollowGrubby
4 LiquidHayprO Liquid   4 dBlinG Dignitas
5 iscrazymoving Infinity Seven   5 LiquidTLO Liquid
6 dSeleCT Dignitas   6 Mstephano Millenium
7 FnaticRain Fnatic   7 mouzMorroW Mous
8 KawaiiRiceLighT Light   8 dignitasmerz Dignitas
9 EGDeMusliM EG   9 SjoW Dignitas
10 ostojiy Gosu   10 RoXPomi ROX.KIS
11 IdrA1 EG   11 Tefel BLAST
12 vileDdoRo Vile   12 seiplo Alien Invasion
13 iS_Axslav Infinity Seven   13 Adelscott- Millenium
14 LiquidSheth Liquid   14 srsRAZERroof BLAST
15 JEcho Infinity Seven   15 AiCytoplasm Alien Invasion
16 ROOTMinigun Complexity   16 AcerBly Acer
17 xSixSleep CheckSix   17 ESCGoOdy ESC ICYBOX
18 YaTaFTW Convergence Gaming 18 roxkisFRAER ROX.KIS
19 coLdrewbie Complexity        
20 vileIllusion Vile   KOREA / TAIWAN
21 LiquidJinro Liquid        
22 ROOT_CatZ Complexity   Seed Player Team
23 Mook Team Clash   1 oGsMC SK
24 Eclypsia_Artist  Eclypsia   2 Parting Startale
25 ONEwbc1 Gosu   3 FnaticaLive Fnatic
26 GoSuDDE Gosu   4 EGJYP EG
27 vileState Vile   5 oGsTheStC oGs
28 EG-LzGaMeR EG   6 TSLPolt TSL
29 goswser Complexity   7 QxGSaSe Quantic
30 QxGtheognis Quantic Gaming   8 FXOz FXO
31 VTgiX Legion   9 GoldenLighT94 Light
32 RuFF13 vVv   10 EG-PuMa EG
33 HeavensLighT Light   11 Inori_ TSL
34 binskiLighT Light   12 TSLSymbol TSL
35 TubbyTheFat     13 FXOLeenock FXO
36 vvvglon vVv   14 QIMNesTea IM
37 iSPyre Infinity Seven   15 IMMvp IM
38 coLKiller1 Complexity   16 IMLosira IM
39 EGiNcontroL EG   17 NSH_SAN Hoseo
40 EG-Machine EG   18 ChoyafOu FXO
41 KingSpades     19 Alicia87 Slayers
42 Hawk248 Vile   20 Ryung Slayers
43 Pokebunny Gosu   21 maru072 Prime
44 Shew Team Clash   22 slayersmma Slayers
45 CaliberLighT Light   23 TSLShine TSL
46 Sic08     24 MVP_Dream MVP
47 stoicfuzzy     25 NSHTassadar Hoseo
48 ZaiZai163 Team Clash        
49 Lobber          
50 omer2007          
51 sMi_LogiC sMi        
52 Area51Focus Area51        
53 vileSyNc Vile        
54 rbkl          
55 qxc Complexity        
56 Masa Team Nightmares        
57 x6Mystik CheckSix        
58 daisuki vVv        
59 MajOrsc2          
60 GoSuHwangSin Gosu        
61 SC2Attero Team Dynamic        
62 GoSuSTX Gosu        

Remember, you can only watch these if you are a subscriber to MLG's Spring Season, or wish to pay for the event ala carte for $10. 


We will be broadcasting commentated matches from the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers on May 8-13. Exact broadcast times will be announced shortly.

  • KR/TW Region Broadcast: May 8-9
  • NA Region Broadcast: May 10-11
  • EU Region Broadcast: May 12-13

You know all of these players will be out for blood in this tournament as its the last chance to secure access to the Spring Arena (which includes all expenses paid travel to New York) as well as earn seeding points for the Spring Championship in Anaheim. Get hyped, folks!


Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! You can follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin for his thoughts on everything eSports. 

Dustin Steiner I'm GameZone's eSports Correspondent and resident fighting game guru. I'm also Event Coordinator for Video Gaming Hard Corps, where we host online and local tournaments in addition to have general fellowship among gamers. Check us out!
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