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MLG releases Complete Schedule for Fighter Arena this Friday


So let's say you only want to watch the MLG Summer Fighter Arena to see a specific person fight, and weren't sure when you could do that. You're in luck - MLG has released the complete schedule for the event. Check it out:

Complete Broadcast and Competition Schedule for Friday, August 10 (all times ET):

Soul Calibur V on PS3


Pool Play:

4:00 PM

Keev vs Rtd Atl

4:15 PM

SomethingUnique vs Kinetic Clash

4:30 PM

Kayane vs LostProvidence

4:45 PM

Hawkeye vs Linkrkc

5:00 PM

Keev vs SomethingUnique

5:15 PM

Rtd Atl vs Kinetic Clash

5:30 PM

Kayane vs Hawkeye

5:45 PM

LostProvidence vs Linkrkc

6:00 PM

Keev vs Kinetic Clash

6:15 PM

SomethingUnique vs RtdAtl

6:30 PM

Kayane vs Linkrkc

6:45 PM

LostProvidence vs Hawkeye

7:00 PM

Semifinal A

7:15 PM

Semifinal B

7:30 PM


Mortal Kombat on PS3


Pool Play:

8:00 PM

DJT1993 vs Pig of the Hut

8:15 PM

GGA Dizzy vs Riu48

8:30 PM

Perfect Legend vs EGPTyrant

8:45 PM

GCA16bit vs Reo

9:00 PM

DJT1993 vs GGA Dizzy

9:15 PM

Pig of the Hut vs Riu48

9:30 PM

Perfect Legend vs GGA 16bit

9:45 PM

EGPTyrant vs Reo

10:00 PM

DJT1993 vs Riu48

10:15 PM

GGA Dizzy vs Pig of the Hut

10:30 PM

Perfect Legend vs Reo

10:45 PM

EGPTyrant vs GGA16bit

11:00 PM

Semifinal A

11:15 PM

Semifinal B

11:30 PM


But maybe you don't understand what the big deal is at all - check out this video that MLG released with the best plays of 2012 in Mortal Kombat - and prepare for the brutality this Friday! We also have some HD codes we'll be giving away early tomorrow, so keep an eye on our Twitter @GameZoneOnline for that!

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