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MLB 2K13 set to slide-r its way onto store shelves this March


Despite lackluster critical response and even worse player feedback, it looks like 2K is back on track to release another 2K baseball title, as they’ve officially slated MLB 2K13 for March 5. This fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on your stance on the series, announcement comes on the heals of last May where 2K revealed their contract to produce MLB titles would “sunset in fiscal 2013.”

Nevertheless, MLB 2K13 is once again set to compete with the more popular, and unarguably prettier MLB: The Show. Along with a release date, though, 2K announced that Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s pitcher David Price (Cy Young award winner) will grace the cover of this year’s title. The developer also confirmed that their notorious “Perfect Game Challenge” will once again be back. With a 1 million dollar prize, and a confusing number of rules and regulations, you can try your luck at throwing a perfect game, though 1,000 players did it last year, with Christopher Gilmore, 21, prevailing in an eight-person tournament held at the MLB FanCave in New York City.

2K13 box art

Having played MLB 2K12 and MLB: The Show, I can tell you that 2K13 has a substantial amount of ground to gain on its PS3 counterpart, as the PS Vita’s version of The Show features better graphics than MLB 2K12 on 360. Still, is anyone excited for more baseball on 360? Lets be honest, you’re only excited for the chance at 1 million dollars, right?

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