MLB 14 The Show video shows off PS4 gameplay, new Dynamic Fielding Marker

MLB 14: The Show Screenshot - MLB 14 The Show

Sony San Diego has released a video featuring all-new PS4 gameplay footage of MLB 14 The Show, while the game's community manager, Ramone Russell, discusses the changes made to fielding fly balls with the dynamic fielding marker.

In previous MLB The Show games, there were two indicators when trying to locate and catch fly balls: a big blue circle that signaled the general area where the ball will land, and a smaller baseball that showed exactly where the ball will land. In MLB 14 The Show, there's a new dynamic catch position indicator that actually moves dynamically while the ball is in flight. Once the ball reaches its final landing position, the indicator stops spinning and locks in place.

What's more, a player's fielding ability and rating will actually influence the behavior the movement of the marker. For players with high fielding ratings, the indicator will begin closer to the final landing spot and lock into the correct spot sooner. Lower ratings will make it much more difficult to track down fly balls.

If all this talk of technical gameplay changes bores you, then just enjoy the new PS4 gameplay footage.

MLB 14 The Show is due out for PS4 on May 6th. It's already available for PS3 and Vita.

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