MLB 14 The Show hits PS4 on May 6

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MLB 14: The Show will be released for PlayStation 4 on May 6, Sony recently announced. That's over a full month later than baseball's official opening day. The PS3 and Vita versions will still be available on April 1, 2014.

As revealed back in February, this season features over 50 new improvements and features that "will enhance, deepen, streamline, and better your overall experience." Some of these new changes have already been explained, like Quick Counts and Player Lock, two additions that aim to speed up gameplay.

While most of these gameplay changes will be present across all three platforms, you'll mostly notice the graphical improvement with The Show on PS4. Having teased the game's next-gen graphics all the way back in November, Sony explained, "Moving to PS4, which boasts 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, we are able to properly represent the true nature of the surfaces. With the added horsepower of PS4, we can create more detailed representation of elements within the stadium. With the added memory, we can increase the texture size, and use higher resolution normal maps to push the illusion of reality."

Fans eager to step up to the plate can pre-order MLB 14: The Show now at GameStop and get $19.99 in Universal In-Game Currency. This virtual currency can be redeemed for any of the following in-game items: Diamond Dynasty Budget, Road to the Show Training Points, Franchise Budget, Road to the Show Heal, and the all new Road to the Show 2x and 4x Boosts.

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